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Inside The Hack Rod, The World's First AI-Designed Car

Inside The Hack Rod, The World's First AI-Designed Car

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The car, known as the Hack Rod, could well be the first vehicle with a nervous system. The brainchild of the Primordial Research Project, a collaboration between design software giant Autodesk and the balls-to-the-wall media company Bandito Brothers— producers of projects as disparate as aHollywood military blockbuster starring anonymous real-life Navy SEALs and aworld-record jump starring a life-size Hot Wheels—the idea was to let a computer create the perfect car based on innumerable volumes of real-world data.

So you're telling me there are now cars that are smarter than me?

Only computationally.  :)

Which means also in their ability to make decisions. 

Oh I see. The car is DESIGNED with AI. It doesn't have AI in it. There's a difference. 

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