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Oklahoma City Thunder rebuilding through analytics

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One of the poignant details of this story for a Golden State Warriors fan: one of the keys to victory was passing up Steph Curry. On the upside, OKC were able to get Kendrick Perkins while he was injured... hopefully some story with Andrew Bogut.

Great stash, thanks.

Am I correct in my belief that it's easier to completely destroy an NBA team and rebuild it than it is in Baseball, Hockey, or Football, because the player roster size is so much smaller?

I can't comment to those American pastimes, but I can assure you destroying a soccer team and rebuilding is very, very hard. Basically because there's promotions and demotions: a team can't just lose all their games, since they would be relegated and lose many millions.

It's rare for a professional team in America to try to lose games, but they might opt to sit out injured players, which can hurt the short term prospects for a team so they can come back stronger next year.

The Golden State Warriors are in this position right now.

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