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Tokyo's solution to rogue drones? Drones with nets.

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Take that, sucker dronies!!!

I came up with a similar idea due to the issues with drones interfering with the cal fire fighting this year. I am an RF engineer and my dad is an electrical engineer so conceptually it works, just need to get the Cali firefighter service to buy off on it and allow us to protect their aircraft.  upside of my equipment is there is no air based hardware either so I won't become a secondary concern for the aircraft pilots flying those low slow tankers over blazing fires.

I understand that in the US it is illegal to destroy a drone, even if that drone is doing something illegal?

I sincerely doubt that will go very far in court when they present the case that the done wss interfering with the fire fighters work and endangering their lives.  But a good take away from this is don't take a shotgun to your neighbor's drone, just use paintballs lol!

Oh man that's a funny thought, shooting paintballs at a drone. :)

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