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dubstep christmas light show

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dubstep and light shows and holiday cheer all wrapped up in one!

(it would be a lot better without the intro and closing of the kid talking, though.)

This really is fantastic. Janill liked it too:

And yes, better without the talking kid. I wish it were higher definition!

the jesus stuff was a real turn off for me.  it went from a 10 to a 7 just for that.  okay, an 8.  ;)

but since janill also put it up, can this one be deleted?  i can't figure out how to delete a page...

It's soooo good, it had to be posted twice, so no one would miss it ;)

I can delete the page manually if you want but right now there's no button on the site to delete pages. :)

By the way, the above video was 2015. Same family in 2014:

2015 is more cohesive as a show, but it is really just an improvement on this 2014 version.

Right you are. It's a testament to how much work they've put in to improve it. 

Here's another fun one:

And here's a great one from 2011 in high def for Janill:

well, adam, now that you've spruced up this page so nicely we definitely have to keep it!!  :)

I think you're right. I like it! I like Wizards in Winter too:

people really go all out on their light shows!!!

Yeah, it's a fun obsession for some.

The show Great Christmas Light Fight highlights some of the best.

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