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Keanu Reeves’ excellent life advice: Drink and eat bacon!

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Here’s the open letter Keanu posted on his public Facebook page:

“My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life. Never ever consumed alcohol or any ‘bad’ food, exercised every day, very limber, very active, took all supplements suggested by her doctor, never went in the sun without sunscreen and when she did it was for as short a period as possible – so pretty much she protected her health with the utmost that anyone could. She is now 76 and has skin cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.

My friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter, fat on top of fat, never and I mean never exercised, was out in the sun burnt to a crisp every summer, he basically took the approach to live life to his fullest and not as others suggest. He is 81 and the doctors say his health is that of a young person.

People you cannot hide from your poison. It’s out there and it will find you so in the words of my friend’s still living mother: ‘if I would have known my life would end this way I would have lived it more to the fullest enjoying everything I was told not to!'”

Yeah, strange that the Atlanta Journal Constitution attributes the quote to Keanu since no one else on the Internet does. 

bacon on top of bacon meme imgur Facebook Keanu reeves

“Bacon on top of bacon.”

Is there anything better than bacon topped with bacon? A tear just ran down my face. 

Bacon topped with bacon is certainly up there, Stacy. 

The funny thing is that no one considers that the bacon-munching father here might be MORE healthy due to his "bad" habits than the ascetic mother with her "good" habits!

For instance, the woman has osteoporosis... there is a strong correlation between thinness and osteoporosis! In fact anyone under a BMI of 24 -- which is the borderline of fatness according to the government -- is at increased risk of osteoporosis. So by trying to be healthy, this woman set herself up for a different kind of ill health.

Also the sun exposure stuff... it turns out that GETTING tan is risky but BEING tan is actually protective. Think about it: people who already have darker skin are far less prone to skin cancer (and wrinkles!) than those with very fair skin.

And the evidence about the alleged health risks of dietary fat are looking weaker all the time. The woman in this story must have been eating SOMETHING, and since it wasn't fat I bet it was carbs. Meanwhile the dad was putting butter on top of his butter... which might turn out to be a good idea on multiple fronts.

Obviously I feel sorry for the woman in this story -- not least because it sounds like she WANTED to eat bacon but chose not to for health reasons! -- but I think the takeaway might be stronger than "your poison will find you" and closer to "do the OPPOSITE of what unattractive vegans tell you to do".

Panda, of your 4 grandparents isn't it true that the most ascetic one died the earliest BY FAR!?!?

I must have missed the pejorative language in this. 

There's no pejorative language in this that I can see. 

I think Joyce is right, the message is not to deny yourself something because someone tells you to. 

your poison will find you" and closer to "do the OPPOSITE of what unattractive vegans tell you to do". Unattractive vegans qualify as pejorative. I agree with Joyce as well, but she lost my attention with "unattractive vegans" 

Yeah, I interpreted that as not doing something because someone tells you to.

I see your point, Stacy. No need to call that person unattractive.

I believe this quote is from the Bible:  For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.

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