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the science behind highly successful couples - by emma seppala

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According to Dr. Adam Grant, author of Give and Take, you can divide people into 3 distinct categories: Givers, Matchers and Takers. And believe it or not, these categories can also predict the success of their relationships. While Grant’s book is written for a business audience, its theories provide extraordinary insight into what makes couples happy and healthy. The category you fall into may well determine the well-being and success of your relationship!

I conferred with Adam Grant while writing this article and he shared the following tip about long-term love: “In the most successful relationships, both partners are givers. In other words, when a romantic relationship works, matchers and takers are focused on giving. Both partners might be giving in different ways, but they should be willing to support each other without expecting something in return. That said, when things get too far out of balance, I think we all become matchers.”

I'd like to teach the world to give in perfect harmony.

adam: tedtalk! tedtalk!

Interesting and rare example of how a band repurposes a corporate trope into a positive cultural movement... instead of the other way around.

it was a corporate trope?  omg!  for coke.  (i just wikied it!)  i did not know this.  (born too late...)

So the song started as a Coca Cola jingle and then became a hit? Oh my.

That's the 70s for you.

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