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Heimschnee - Balloonskiing

No information about where this is.

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Could be anywhere. Where did you find it?

Unofficial networks, then Vimeo

Yeah, Unofficial Networks could have gotten balloon skiing from anywhere.

Vimeo offers the following information about it:

Ever heard of balloonskiing? Flying up a mountain with a hot air balloon, then dropping the altitude as fast as possible and enjoying the eco-friendly powder snow - sound like a crazy idea? The “Heimschnee-Crew” has done it! What better way to start this event than by letting nature decide your fate and just being led by the wind. Looking for a daredevil challenge to test their limits, the freeskiing crew invented balloonskiing. It's the perfect way to experience the wonders of nature while feeling as free and unconstrained as a bird. ...

Music: Mother's Cake - Ecstasy

@ fancy tree films 2015 ...

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