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happy holidays! joone gif

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may your days be filled with wonder...  :)

i'm not much of an animator!  bear with me.  ;)

Emily, I love this! Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes in a good way.

You ARE a good animator!!

thanks, adam.  :)  there were so many things i wanted her to do, like jump and laugh and lie in the snow.  but just figuring out this much stretched me to my limit!!  

It captures the season well :)  The steps leading up are a nice touch, and of course the turtle!

Emily I wonder if we can find someone to help you with more advanced animations.

Janill I only just noticed the steps leading up. Nice catch!

yes, an animator would be amazing!  my imagination has such high hopes for joone in motion...

just this tiny thing, that only blinks and snows, took 360 frames and a whole lot of beginner learning (youtube tutorials and calling my brother for help and swearing!)  i kept thinking, "someone who knows how to do this could be doing this so much faster..."  i don't think i'll try it again.  but handing the baton to a pro would be ideal!

Okay then I will look for a pro. Perhaps @hero0fwar knows someone...

Is this the first Joone on PandaWhale?!

Looks like it:

yes!  this is her pandawhale debut!!

Well, what a magnificent debut it is!

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