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Study: People Who Exercise Have Larger Brains Later in Life

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This study may or may not contradict a previous longitudinal study of nuns which led many to believe that MENTAL activity was the best preventative for Alzheimer's -- which led to a cottage industry in crossword puzzles and Brain Age games. In fact a pair of running shoes might be a better bet.

The best bet is to do some of each.

healthy living for all!

Does having a larger brain help? Or is it that the brain stays active that's significant?

I was thinking something along similar lines: what is the usefulness of this study?

Let's cover all the bases, with a kickstarter for a treadmill with a electronic sudoku/crossword built in.

You could achieve the same effect with a smartphone app that tells you when to walk and when to do sudokus and crosswords...

I guess when it comes to old people brains, bigger is better. Atrophy is no bueno.

Does size of brain connote activity?

Well, I do know that leading a sedentary lifestyle carries a higher risk of cancer than smoking... so I'll buy this.

Is the solution to that to stand more? Walk more? Run more? All of the above?

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