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Amy Robach interviews Carrie Fisher on Good Morning America

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Carrie Fisher does not care what anyone thinks. 

And Gary the French bulldog in this video is adorable! Especially when he falls asleep. 

carrie fisher is smart and witty!  i had no idea.  how cool.  and gary?  he's perfect. <3

Yeah, Carrie Fisher is wonderful. Check her out on Graham Norton featuring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Kylie Minogue, and David Beckham:

Especially this part:

300 Reddit comments:

They should have let some of this personality shine through in the new movie, rather than dressing her up like a diner waitress and so forth. 

You're right. I wonder why they didn't.

Maybe JJ Abrams didn't know her enough when writing the script but he'll do so in movie 8?

I don't know... I thought 7 was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, though. 

EVER seen? Whoa. Why was it one of the worst to you? Too formulaic?

I think Eli Schiff's tweets sum it up more easily than I could...

So essentially it has no heart. And no brain. And no courage. 

Intersect:  Wizard of Oz.

If you think Star Wars was bad, please take the time to see Point Break, which is laughable.

The original Point Break was pretty good but I have no desire to see the remake. 

You might want to see it for the surfing scenes, where the ocean rebukes all the laws of physics.  That's right, ALL.

Well that's not good. I like my surfing real!

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