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Elon Musk's brother Kimbal is saving the world too. One organic garden at a time.

Elon Musk s brother Kimbal is saving the world too one organic garden at a time Inhabitat Green Design Innovation Architecture Green Building

“There’s an incredible amount of infrastructure and subsidy for big ag,” Musk told Fastco. “We’ve got to give something to the organic farmers so they can deliver to the demand. It would be a pittance, virtually not even a rounding error, for farmers to get support during that three-year transition period.”


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“In a model that he plans to use around the entire country, Musk goes to a city, opens restaurants that help stimulate demand for healthy, locally grown food, and uses some of the proceeds (along with grants and city funding) to support building dozens of “learning gardens” at schools throughout a city,” Fastco Reports.

“These kids have no idea where meat comes from, or where a carrot comes from,” Musk told Fastco. “We show them pulling a carrot out of the ground and it is literally like a magic trick. They just have no experiential context around it.”

Every city needs this! I hope he is able to scale this operation.

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