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How to Get Rich in Tech, Guaranteed by Startup L Jackson

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tl;dr: SLOWLY. 

If you want to get rich, your best bet on a risk-adjusted basis is to join a profitable and growing public company. Google for short. Make $200-500k all-in a year, work hard and move up a level every 3-5 years, sell options as they vest (in case you joined Enron), and retire at 60, rich. This plan works every time.

This is true only if you control SPENDING. One of the most insidious things about Silicon Valley is that most people at big profitable companies do in fact make gobs of cash... but they piss it away just as quickly. I don't know if there is something about the Googles and Facebooks that encourages it, or if it's a stage of life thing, or what... but my friends who work there never seem to save any money. They have kids in $50k/year nursery schools, vacations to Bali, dinner out every night, untold numbers of kitchen gadgets, electric cars by the metric ton, nonworking spouses, beautiful homes on the Peninsula, angel investments, etc. -- but cash put away? Not so much.

That seems to be an ongoing theme for us. 

To truly save, build better spending habits. 

Just like:

To truly keep weight off, build better eating habits. 

owning a house and being an angel investor are not spending...but yes, education is also pricey out here and ordering from all the new startup food/delivery companies gets expensive as well. also do not forget all the help people buy too.

By the way Startup L Jackson uses Tumblr not Medium?!

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