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Best Way to Defog Your Windows Twice as Fast Using Science, by Mark Rober

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> 1. Heater on full
> 2. A/C on
> 3. Recirculating air switch off
> 4. Crack the windows

No recirculation? I thought it was more efficient because the air was already warm.

When you cold start the air you're recirculating is cold. 

Turning recirc off maximizes the hot air in, maximizing the benefit from the start. 

once the car's engine is warm enough to heat your car's air, it won't be difficult for it to pass the outside cold air across the coolant plates and heat that up as well. the air in the car isn't much warmer than outside but is usually a lot wetter because you are always increasing the moisture in the car when you breathe.

Right, which is why you're supposed to open your windows to start.

Once you're defog'd you can happily recirculate. 

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