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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Exhibition Is Knitted With Scientific Accuracy

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The knitting-meets-science-specifically-plants motif seems very well suited to you.

And to think that the artist started with big cat pelts:

Ms. Marshall, an Australian based in New York, previously worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society and is known for her knit "pelts" of endangered cats. Ms. Bhatt, a former colleague, contacted her even though she typically makes animals, not plants. Ms. Marshall eventually settled on the lotus as her contribution, creating its vibrant pink flowers, circular leaves, seed pods and interconnected rhizomes and roots. 

"I thought the roots were really interesting with their holes and how people harvest and eat them," says Ms. Marshall. "So the project became about including the whole plant. It was three months of solid work." 

She said the show has given her new inspiration. "I'm still completely dedicated to depicting endangered animals, but a lot live amongst jungle foliage. I could see mixing the animal pelts with other 3-D elements."

Even accomplished home knitters will be impressed by the pieces' craftsmanship. The hanging "Tiger Lily" is 5 feet in diameter with six mottled yellow petals that curl all the way back in full bloom and have a cable-knit stitch down their length.

I could get into knitting or crocheting if you could make fun stuff like this, but not sure what I would do with it after, doesn't match my decor ;)

Give it away to friends or to people in need?

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