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Rare dime sells for nearly $2M at auction in Tampa

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Two million dollars for a dime?! Geez, that's Powerball odds.

Rare coin collectors have their revenge! :-)

For this singleton case. But most rare coins are still not worth collecting for the payout, right?

My parent's had some huge metal skippy peanut butter coin jar that was some promotion at some time long ago.  They put any and all coins into it.  At one point I remember going through all the quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins to find the ones with silver.  Some of the silver quarters were going for $25 a pop for nothing more than being able to recognize the difference. 

So time and a little education could result in skewing the payouts.  Here's my stupid idea of the day: someone should write a mobile app that takes pictures of a pile of coins and identifies ones that might be worth something.  

That's a good idea.

I guess for some people it's fun to sort through, looking for treasures.

I wonder if the Skippy vessel has value.  :)

Probably not unless it lasts another hundred years.

I couldn't find and exact picture of it, but I did find a description of a large, metal, skippy peanut butter vintage promotional coin bank.  It was selling for $99.  I guess that's a lot of dimes. 

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