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8 ways that money CAN buy happiness:

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The title of the research study is awesome: "If Money Doesn't Make You Happy Then You Probably Aren't Spending It Right." :)

Okay, so take the kids to legoland rather than buying them the new lego set!

ummmm no... ALWAYS NEED MORE LEGO!!! lol

Now that's what I'm talkin bout!!

Yes take the kids to LEGOLAND!

(and I used to be the Chief Scientist at LEGO, so you know I'm serious :-)

!!! jealous...

Thx @Julian, given the number of times they've been to Legoland, they should be whistling dixie.....or at least zip-da-dee-doo-da :-)

I thought money buys power, and power properly applied buys happiness.

It's amazing and ironic that our society, which is utterly based on consumption, offers its people so little wisdom -- or even practical advice -- about how to consume WELL.

For instance, even in terms of vacations... I still wonder whether you get the most bang for the buck by spending on transportation, lodging, food and drink, or entertainment. I've had memorable trips that were all over the map on all of these.

America is like a buffet.

It's not good, but there's so much to consume that you kind of forget that fact.

Dammit, with that red umbrella (or rainbow) logo, all I'm capable of seeing is "Traveler's Insurance." That's not happiness.

Insurance is the opposite of happiness.

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