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How To Make A Backyard Pizza Oven For Under $200

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Pizza ovens are good for things other than pizza! Roasted veggies and meats, desserts, baked goods and breakfast items are all delicious in a pizza oven!

If you can cook all those things in it why call it a pizza oven instead of a backyard oven?

Clever materials:

2 terra cotta pots (22 in18 in) - $88

Ceramic fiber mat - $31/meter

12 fire bricks - $54

80 lbs concrete slab mix - $3.97

Total = $180

Reddit comments:

I think this is cool... but I'd like mine bigger.  We ended up splurging for the Big Green Egg... that was the day my husband took over the grill.  Prior to that, I grilled everything, but this requires sitting outside and preparing it... more of an art.  He loves it, and it gives that great fired taste.   Way overpriced, not gonna lie, but it'll be something he treasures and uses forever... 

You'd make it bigger because you have a lot of people to cook for?

Or you'd make it bigger because it's better to cook a lot at a time.

Everyone I know who has a Big Green Egg says it was overpriced but they love it.

A Medium-sized one costs like $650... so it is a splurge for sure, but if you use it a lot it is worthwhile. What I regret is spending $250 on a crappy gas grill that started rusting immediately and never got hot enough to be worth a damn :/

I've loved my gas grills, but if I were going to replace mine that was rotting out, I'd have gotten a nice Weber. I have a really nice chef's kitchen--they'd redone the kitchen not long before they moved. So, I totally moved my own cooking inside... I did a ton of cooking today--right from the grocery bags to 2 weeks worth of meals:)

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