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Most Nurses Don't Follow Staph-Prevention Rules

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Infection Controlless than one in five outpatient care nurses follow the right safety procedures to prevent infection. That means more than 80 percent of the nurses you see at your doctor’s office, dentist office, ER, and more aren’t doing everything they can to prevent the spread of infection — to you, other patients, and themselves.

Most Nurses Don't Follow Staph-Prevention Rules

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Some people cut corners and are less mindful, which is scary:

For the study, 231 nurses were asked to answer how often they comply with the following precautions to prevent infection:

1. I provide nursing care considering all patients as potentially contagious

2. I wash my hands after the removal of gloves

3. I avoid placing foreign objects on my hands

4. I wear gloves when exposure of my hands to body fluids is anticipated

5. I avoid needle recapping

6. I avoid the disassembling of a used needle from a syringe

7. I use a face mask when exposure to air-transmitted pathogens is anticipated

8. I wash my hands after the provision of care

9. I discard used sharp materials into sharps containers

Unfortunately, just 17.4 percent did all nine. More than 90 percent said they always wear gloves, while 70 percent said they always wear a face mask. Only 63 percent say they always wash their hands after removing gloves. And, here’s a scary fact: Not everyone washes their hands after caring for a patient — just 82 percent say they do.

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