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Google Glass disappears from Twitter and Facebook

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It does seem drastic to remove all traces of Google Glass.

While it's understandable that Google is trying to move on from the ultimately failed Google Glass consumer launch, deleting so much old material — essentially the history of the first Google Glass — is drastic and unfortunate. Whatever you think about the wearable device that gave one eye a view of a virtual, 25-inch screen floating in front of you and that responded to voice commands, Glass is a crucial part of the wearable timeline.

Certainly, the initial enthusiasm and eventual distaste for the ungainly device taught not just Google a thing or two, but every technology company that wanted to put something on people's bodies. These devices had to be more than just smart and aware, they had to look good, too. Would there be an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 without Google Glass?

Google Glass for consumers may be dead, but Google is, apparently, still hard at work on Google Glass 2.0. At least that's what everyone believed after Google posted a series of images on the Federal Communication Commission web site late last year. They depict a slightly redesigned Glass body, but there's no detail on how this version will attach to your head. Most believe that whatever Google does with future versions of Google Glass, it'll continue to target business and enterprise, where the company had the most success with the original Google Glass.

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