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It's Not About You: The Truth About Social Media Marketing

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❝ In short, the secret of promotion in the age of social media isn't to promote yourself.  It's to promote others.  Success comes when your success depends on the success of your customers, your suppliers, your end-users, and when you spend more of your time thinking about them than about yourself. ❞

... a great look at the history of the WWW, OSS, the Maker movement, and the benefit of social media. A great read.

That's such a great line that I think it could be a growth hack.

Growth Hack: Don't promote yourself. Promote others.

"Our Web 2.0 events generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, but our marketing was not about our products - it was about the people and technologies and ideas that we celebrated as the pathfinders of a way out of the wasteland that the web had become in the years leading up to the bust."

"Your job, in short, is to uncover and activate latent social networks and interest groups by helping them to reach their own goals"

"...the role of a gallery owner or museum is to bestow status on heretofore-unknown artists. If the gallery owner's taste is sure, his own status is enhanced by the people he discovers and promotes."

"The status we've built up in the computer industry is based on our ability to find people and technologies that are worth paying attention to, and to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others, who then carry it even further."

"I'm constantly looking for value from others that I can amplify."

"You can even promote your competitors. In the early 90s, we distributed to booksellers a bibliography of all the best books on Unix - our competitors' as well as our own. Our theory was that if we helped booksellers to buy the best books, the sales of the entire category would grow."

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