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The 'Memoire' Typeface Changes Like a Memory as You Use It

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I've never heard of a font that degrades with each use. Until now. 

MEMORY IS a mutable thing. One moment it’s in our minds, hard as concrete. The next, it’s still there, yet different. With each passing day, the outline of what we remember softens; the veracity of what we’ve experienced gradually takes on a surreal filter.

The poignancy of this fact—that memories transform with time—is a frequent source of inspiration for artists and designers, who have long grappled with how to best convey the tenuous relationship between reality and perception. A new typeface called Memoire is designed to reflect the ever-shifting shapes memories take as we replay them in our minds. Designers Ryan Bugden and Michelle Wainer created the custom typeface for La Petite Mort, a biannual magazine produced by New York creative agency Sub Rosa. The font, used as the headline typeface for each of the magazine’s 16 stories, evolves from page to page. “The core idea was that it would change over time—similar to how every time you revisit a memory, it in fact changes based on the current context you’re in,” Wainer says.

memory is a reconstruction colored by our own expectation we are often poor judges of our own reality memories are always in a state of becoming meme imgur

It’s hard to see the changes at first. The sharpness of the serifs softens almost imperceptibly with every use. On the first page, edges are knife-like; by the last, they are almost friendly in their roundness. “The experience we had in mind was very subtle, something you feel before you notice,” Bugden says.

Yeah, I like tracking the exotic car prices.  It's a hobby of mine.  That's how I found the font article which is another hobby!

That's cool.

Funny, I thought you were there for the awesome women's shoes article.

Adidas shoe designed for women feet Memoire Typeface Changes Like a Memory as You Use It WIRED


Well I am a big fan of Pixazza, which is now August Capital funded Luminate.   They do in-picture advertising around fashion. And Kerosene and a Match was all about reverse image search meets Quora meets augmented reality Snapchat.

Interesting, I thought Luminate was bought by Yahoo?

They might have been as I hadn't really been paying that much attention!  Now we've crossed over all my stashes, fonts, acquisitions, startups, images, and cars.  Add a few swimming pools and some security issues in there and we'll be well covered. 

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