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The Present of the Puppy Dog with Three Legs by Jacob Frey

Cute disabled crippled puppy dog with three legs is a mom's gift that brings a boy some joy...

Shared by Emily Kate Moon:

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my sons and i LOVE this video.  and i think my 4-year-old summed it up nicely: "a dog wif fwee wegs is just as good as a dog wif four!"

Emily that is an ADORABLE summary of this video. Had you seen it before?

nope!  first seen right here!!

That's awesome. PandaWhale for the win!

whoop!  whoop!

Reddit, after watching this deep feels-inducing video: 

  • The light switch near the giraffe is in the "on" position, when the room was totally dark and the only thing on was the tv.

well duh, obviously it's a 3-way switch. 

There are three way switches?!

yup!  two switches in different places for the same light (like at either end of a hall).  which means that the up/down thing no longer means on/off, respectively.

That always threw me off as a kid seeing the lights on with the switch off. 

haha!  me too!  and i would systematically switch them so they were appropriately set.

Heh. Cool.

This animation won 59 awards and the animator got hired by Disney:

I like how the mom just left the room and let the puppy work its magic.  Smart mom.

yeah.  well played, mom!

puppies are indeed magical. 

Is the magic from the size, the energy, or the attitude?

a combination of all three, i think!  plus cuteness and resilience.

Well the puppy in The Present is cute AND resilient!

I wonder what the backstory of the boy is. I want to see more adventures between them!

As a comic:

cute crippled puppy dog with three legs comic plays ball with boy

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