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Clementine Cake Recipe

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Apparently the candied clementines do not taste as good as they look, but the cake itself is tiny orange and almond goodness!

The candied clementines do look beautiful, but they're leathery from an hour of cooking.

The orange and almond cake though sounds WONDERFUL. 

Found this in the comments, which sounded like Joyce flair: "I spooned a bit of the sugar syrup from candying the clementines on the cake before glazing to intensify the flavor."

But it was from someone named Janet.

I thought Joyce flair was more like: "I poured a tot of Cointreau into the cake to intensify the flavor".

That does sound like Joyce flair to me. :)

I have NO IDEA what you guys are talking about... I used Grand Marnier!

Not to be a killjoy but this is one of those recipes where you really need to be able to get clementines from the farmer's market -- which I know is going to be only a tiny minority of the country. The reason is that farmers don't spray their fruit with wax. If you make this recipe with Cuties or some other commercial brand of clementines, it will taste fine but everything -- your pots, cake tins, oven, etc. -- will be permeated with a fine coat of wax.

Oh geez, sorry! Thank you for noting this so we don't make this mistake in the future. 

From the photograph I thought the chocolate glaze would be hard and crackly, but it is soft and frosting-like.

Yes, and the chocolate glaze provides nice balance to the flavor. 

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