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Romney Won the Debates

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Romney 1, Obama 0.

Basically, what Jared Sperli said.

Obama is the clear election favorite, and he did not win the debate convcingly, so he loses.

Obama looks tired and weathered; he knows he has little power to improve the economy and grant jobs, meanwhile Romney as the challenger can say anything he wants -- he doesn't have to stand on his record on the US economy, and a combative Obama would make it appear that he's not accepting responsibility...

I think Obama's debate strategy is rope-a-dope.

Not that I think any of this matters for the general election. :)

I think, also, it was the closing statements, I think the debate was probably considered even at that point; and as funny as it seems, Pres. Obama without his TelePrompTer simply looked unprepared for (prepared) closing remarks, while Gov. Romney's final remarks were executed flawlessly as if he had a TelePrompTer.

Yep. But what else I saw: Remember the movie, Napolean Dynamite? Trevor Snarr's smirk? Romney has that down.

Romney delivered his lies effectively, so he won. President did not combat.

Retweeted, natch. Thanks for the ammo.

I wonder how much of that smug is actually smug... and how much is Mormon?

effective ad. target something noticeable that people can point at in the next debate

But Romney was smirkier. A smart counter-ad could point that out, and put that out, and let it trend, she mused.

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