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Ripley the Toucan is basically a lap dog.

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Question from Reddit: "Is the beak clapping and chattering a sign of happy? Kinda like a dog wagging its tail..."

The owner's answer:

Do you mean the clapping like slapping the beak together or the clicking noise? In this instance the "clacking" was just her being silly I think. But they use the clicking sound to show many different moods, depending on the pitch. Usually it means they're contented. But they do it just to try and talk to you as well. 

They can clack their bill against trees or whatever to show affection during the mating season. I've never seen her do this though as she has not completed puberty yet.

Today I was reminded it's Froot Loops, not Fruit Loops.

I guess there's no fruit in froot. 

Ripley the Toucan takes a bath!

i had no idea people keep toucans as pets!!  now my boys want one!

i love that he flies around the house.  :)

He's like a house drone! They're still pretty rare as pets but they look like fun!

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