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Levi's Stadium design layout, requirements led to eastern sun issue

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As everyone who has visited Levi's Stadium knows, it is just as blazing hot there as Candlestick was freezing cold. And the sun shines directly on what passes for "cheap seats" there, instead of into the Air Conditioned Tower of Not Mingling With Hoi-Polloi on the other side. Finally the designers explain why they "had to" choose such an unpleasant layout.

ps If there are any "views" from inside the stadium, they are of... the parking lot and Santa Clara. I think you can see the San Jose sewage treatment plant too.

I can't tell from the article: Was it for connectivity or the views or both?

because they failed. I read it as they did not want to block the glorious view of northern San Jose.  ha

It was allegedly for the TV angles.

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