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Is Blind Hiring the Best Hiring?

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Companies are still hiring for "culture fit" - but they should not: "According to the company’s numbers, using conventional résumé screening, about a fifth of applicants who were not white, male, able-bodied people from elite schools made it to a first-round interview. Using blind auditions, 60 percent did. ‘‘Employers say, ‘If you can show me your skills in this role, I am willing to interview you, regardless of where you come from, what you look like or who you are,’ ’’ Iyer says. A new study from Harvard Business School backs up this line of reasoning. It found that when service-sector employers used a job test, they hired workers who tended to stay at the job longer — indicating that they were a better match. When employers overruled the test results to hire someone for more subjective reasons, the employees were significantly more likely to quit or be fired."

So then don't hire people for subjective reasons. 

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