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RIP Mailbox, or: Founders, how to stop worrying and love being acquired, by Rahul Vohra

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Some realtalk for founders who are considering getting acquired, from a guy who got acquired by LinkedIn.

By the way, Rahul Vohra has a lot of rules, but this one stuck out to me:

Get the right job title before you start. When negotiating an acquisition, it is natural to focus on the economics. But do not underestimate the impact of your new job titles. No matter what your compensation is, you will be treated differently as a “Principal Software Engineer” than as a “Software Engineer”. Some differences will be overt — you may or may not be invited to certain meetings. Some differences will be subtle — colleagues may pay more or less attention to your opinions. But overall, your titles can directly affect your efficacy and therefore your wellbeing. (Large companies commonly under-level smaller acquisitions. Since the economic negotiation and the leveling happen in quick succession, they indirectly trade against each other. When faced with this choice, most founders will compromise on titles.)

dr strangelove board room meme

"The board room of your new company. Just kidding. (Columbia Pictures)"

Actually, that isn't too far off for some companies.

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