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Why Tech Degrees Are Not Putting More Blacks and Hispanics Into Tech Jobs

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This article is filled with unexpected nuggets, but one of them is that elite Black and Latino students have so internalized the notion they must work harder and never show negative emotions... that they find it especially difficult to do whiteboard interviews that are often designed to elicit partial answers so the interviewer can see how you think through problems!

I find whiteboard interviews difficult too so I can relate.

It must be really hard to never show negative emotions!

Whiteboard interviews suck for everyone, I always tell people to take a computer with them so they can at least ask about using the keyboard for their coding questions. But if you've done a lot of whiteboard interviews you realize it is usually not expected that you'd produce a complete high-quality piece of code. They usually just want to see that you understand an algorithm and syntax.

That makes sense but I can see how whiteboarding algorithms and syntax is not something everyone can do well.

Also, did you catch the link where Mark Zuckerberg tells his employees to stop being racist?

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