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This is the Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car Ever Designed, And it’s Simply Remarkable

The sleekest, sexiest, fastest hydrogen-powered car was just unveiled by an Italian automaker. Called the H2 Speed, it could reach up to 299 km/h (186 mph).

This is the Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car Ever Designed, And it's Simply Astounding

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Looks lovely. Is there anything that go wrong with a hydrogen powered car?

I'm not in general familiar with such cars. 

"It runs on two electric motors along with a hydrogen fuel cell, and it is equipped with the ability to regenerate energy from braking. Oh, it can also refuel in just three minutes." (The ability to regenerate fuel from braking sounds like a field unto itself.)

Here's a Toyota Mirai link that explains its safety —

It sounds pretty compelling. What's the downside? Price?

"They [the Company] have also yet to announce when (or if) this car will eventually make it into production. Costs, of course, are always a factor, and it doesn’t make sense to widely produce a super-expensive car that most won’t be able to afford.

Still, as time goes on, and the cost of producing such devices goes down, we will begin to see styles like this on commercial scales. To that end, this gives you a look at what the future of transportation will likely be."


Sweet but yeah, expensive.

I guess hydrogen fuel is safer now than in the days of the Hindenburg dirigible zeppelin.

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