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Right-Hand Bias Is Everywhere

How a preference for one side of the body can influence what people buy, who they vote for, even what they name their children.

A Psychologist Explains the Surprising Power of the Right-Hand Bias - The Atlantic

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"Daniel Casasanto, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, studies the ways in which the world is mentally biased toward the right. His research has shown that politicians, for example, tend to use their non-dominant hand for negative gestures, and parents in recent decades have shown a preference for baby names typed on the right side of the keyboard."

The world is biased and usually does not even realize it.

I wonder why most people are right handed. Just a dominant gene I guess?

Thank you, Adam. Excellent article, with a great perspective- "As you grow up, you will learn to raise a mighty eyebrow at generalizations taken from such limited data. 

It’s pretty cool that you asked the question this way — why are people right-handed? When we adults talk about handedness, we tend to focus on the lefties. There are fewer of them, so we think they’re the strange ones. But the reality is that we don’t know which is strange and which is not, because we don’t really know what causes handedness at all." 

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