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Researchers discover a switch in the fat cells of mice and humans with which excess pounds can be burned off.

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If the Gq protein is blocked, undesired white fat cells change into energy-consuming brown cells.

Top Reddit comment:

Interesting - there are some things that have been shown to assist in white to brown fat conversion:

Cold and Exercise.

In the study, the subjects — all men — were kept chilled, but not to the point of shivering, which itself burns calories. Their metabolic rates increased by 80 percent, all from the actions of a few ounces of cells. The brown fat also kept its subjects warm. The more brown fat a man had, the colder he could get before he started to shiver.


Fasting also triggers the formation of brown fat, which burns calories more efficiently than white fat -- the kind of fat responsible for beer guts and flabby arms.

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