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Questions surround AdvoCare, nutrition empire endorsed by Saints QB Drew Brees

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Oh, my...

"When you become an AdvoCare distributor, you sign a long, complicated contract -- the latest version is 33 pages -- that outlines the company's pay plan."

"Robert FitzPatrick, an industry critic who has consulted on federal cases involving pyramid schemes, says he's heard similar stories about MLMs [Multilevel Marketing]. "I have people constantly contacting me -- 'My son wants to drop out of college, my spouse wants to mortgage the house. They won't listen to me, they won't talk about due diligence.'" FitzPatrick says that across the industry, veteran distributors enforce such behavior, urging new members to segregate themselves. "At the core," he says, "they're cults."

MLM really does tug at peoples' emotions.

Basically, avoid multilevel marketing whenever you can.

Fun fact: Drew Brees will promote anything if you pay him right.

Found that in the 1600 Reddit comments:

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