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10 Simple Ways To Improve Your People Skills And Build Relationships

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10 is a lot! I'd like to start with one. 

1. Learn more than you do your friends in just three minutes.

The key is to ask great questions that people are excited to answer and then listen attentively. Instead of making small talk, ask deeper questions when you first meet someone, like “What is the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?” or “If you had enough money to retire, what would you be doing today?” This gets people to quickly open up.

I'm not sure it's what about the person is doing. It's about what they care about. 

This bothered me, too. Sounds like an interview. I think mixing in small talk conveys a casualness appropriate for social gatherings, even if the purpose is to 'be remembered'.

Agreed, the casual is good, but it's also good to learn a little about what that person cares about. 

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