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Vet Performs Surgery To Save A Sick Little Goldfish

A beloved pet goldfish named Bubbles has been given a fresh start at a happy and healthy life, all thanks to the delicate work of a veterinarian who believed he was very much worth saving.

The 9-year-old fish had been suffering from a tumorous growth on his head.


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Keeping the fish out of water long enough to complete the operation was no easy task. First, Bubbles was placed in a bucket with anesthetic solution to put him under. Next, a tube was inserted into his mouth so that a steady flow of oxygenated water could be pumped over his gills.

The tumor was now ready to come off.


With all the focus and precision such a procedure requires, the steady-handed surgeon set about performing the intricate operation.


And sure enough, after a few careful snips, the tumor was removed.


We worked quickly to remove the tumor and sealed the wound with tissue glue," Rich wrote in a Facebook post  Facebook post. "Once that had set, Bubbles was placed in the recovery unit and given oxygen. He was also given injections with long-acting pain relief and antibiotics."

Here's Bubbles after the surgery, back to his old self again.normalized-tmp-5700a2ac16e00

Goldfish live to nine years of age?!

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