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FDA Finishes Food Labels for How We Eat Now

Major changes to nutrition labels on food packages became final on Friday, with calorie counts now shown in large type and portion sizes that reflect how much Americans actually eat.

F.D.A. Finishes Food Labels for How We Eat Now -

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Michael F. Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said he believed the new line for added sugars would help change behavior.

“A lot of people will be shocked to see how much sugar is in soda,” he said. “Teachers and parents will leap at that as something to show their kids.”

It is also important for the food and beverage industry, he said [Dr. David Kessler, former F.D.A. commissioner].

By putting added sugars on the label, it creates incentives for industry to make healthier products, because they don’t want to look bad with all of that sugar on the label.”

But the sugar industry did not relent in its criticism. The Sugar Association said it was “disappointed” by the F.D.A.’s decision to require a separate line for added sugars. It argued that the rule lacked “scientific justification.”

The association said, “We are concerned that the ruling sets a dangerous precedent that is not grounded in science, and could actually deter us from our shared goal of a healthier America.”

They're disappointed?! 

In what way is sugar a contributor toward the goal of a healthier America?

Holy smokes. They're definitely trying to hide something with so many different words!

"flo malt"

Seriously wtf is Flo malt?!

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