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Don’t Be Surprised If Google’s New Animated Short Wins An Oscar

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Wait, why is Google making animated shorts??

All the cool companies make movies now. 

I guess Amazon and Netflix do. 

The backstory:

The latest short from Google’s experimental filmmaking lab Spotlight Stories—which is composed of alums from Pixar and Dreamworks—Pearl is the story of a little girl growing up with a struggling, traveling musician for a father. Set completely inside and around a car, the duo drives across the U.S. in their 1970s sedan, dad in the front seat, daughter in the back, playing the same song (a catchy folk ditty called "No Wrong Way Home," composed by Alexis Harte and JJ Wiesler) for anyone who will listen. The girl grows up, meets new friends, gets in trouble, and forms a band of her own. The dad grows old, sells out, and never regrets a minute of it.

Director Patrick Osborne, who won an Oscar for directing the Disney short Feast in 2015, pitched Pearl as Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree on four wheels. Told through a cel-shaded aesthetic with lots of music but no dialog, Pearl almost feels like a music video produced by Disney, but Osborne places the viewer right inside the car with the characters, so you can look around to direct the movie with your own eyes.

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