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Game of Thrones s6e6 "Blood of My Blood" gifs and memes

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Emergency Awesome s6e6 review:

AV Club on s6e6:


Bran’s story is no more conclusive than the rest of the episode, but it feels designed as a way to make up for the lack of resolution elsewhere by both delivering a pivotal reveal for book readers and by creating ample space for speculation. From the moment a rider appears to rescue Meera and Bran, I did what most book readers would do: I scanned his face for any resemblance to Benjen Stark. The reveal of Coldhands’ identity is not a surprise: it has been the prevailing theory, and was supported by the fact the show bothered to place Benjen in Bran’s flashbacks this season. But it anchors a story that builds from last week’s reveal with Hodor to place Bran—as the new Three-Eyed Raven—at the heart of Westeros’ past and the mythology of the series more broadly. Benjen’s reveal is satisfying in its way, but it’s the perspective gained from Bran’s flashes—especially his glimpses of Aerys’ final days—that offers a better guide to what the show wants Bran’s story to be. While Sam struggles to get his father to understand his role in a greater struggle, Bran is the one character who can readily access the history of Westeros and understand how everything and everyone connect to one another. There will be collateral damage—like Hodor—that comes with this power, but it is the tool Westeros needs in order for the larger war to become the focus instead of small struggles of limited significance, and one the show will put to use as it starts narrowing its focus in preparation for its final act.

My first thoughts...

Sam now has a Valyrian sword! Yiss!!

We haven't seen Uncle Benjen since season 1, right? Talk about hyping him.

Bran's vision montage was amazing. I guess the Raven is right that he's gotta learn EVERYTHING.

The theory about Bran's time-warging causing the Mad King to keep repeating "burn them all" is looking pretty good right now.

I'm starting to think Tommen is a worse king than Joffrey was. And I hated Joffrey.

Is it me or do we get a trial by combat featuring The Mountain in every other season?

Clearly a girl cannot be No One. The world needs her as Arya Stark.

Joffrey... Cersei... Walder Frey... Meryn Trant... Tywin Lannister... the Red Woman... Beric Dondarrion... Thoros of Myr... Ilyn Payne... the Mountain. The Hound.

Sam has a sword, a dagger and a magical horn. All the weapons are belong to Sam! 

Perhaps Sam is the prince who was promised?

Sam for the Iron Throne!

So, Samwell's sister is Tarla Tarly?

You know, I heard Samwell say "poplah" (poplar) when describing the trees of the south, and I unconsciously added r's afterwards. :) 

Here's a thought-provoking review of S6E6.

Welcome back Benjen!

The whomper in question was—of course—Benjen Stark, younger brother of Ned and former First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, who disappeared above the Wall all the way back in season one and whose return Thronesiacs have been anticipating ever since. Bran was certainly glad to see his uncle, but Benjen’s news that Bran has to master his new Three-Eyed-Crow powers in time for a mano a mano with the Night King is pretty much the definition of familial pressure. At least he gave the boy a big ol’ cup of rabbit’s blood to fortify him.


From there, we traveled to Horn Hill, the seat of House Tarly down south in the Reach, for a decidedly less-happy family reunion. We’ve heard plenty about Samwell’s dad Randyll—brilliant military commander, toxic garbage fire as a dad—but this was our first meeting with him. Suffice to say that he lived up to his reputation, at least on the latter score. It was a nice reversal when Sam, on the verge of leaving Gilly and Little Sam with this paternal nightmare, instead came back for them—and for the family’s ancestral Valyrian-steel sword, Heartsbane. As noted, there are only a handful of these swords in all of Westeros, and while Sam may be an unlikely wielder of one, it suggests that he might be using its White-Walker-wiping-out powers at some point in the future.

Yay! Sam has a sword!

On Arya:

For his part, Sam very quickly realized he wasn’t the kind of man who could abandon his girlfriend and adopted son, however noble his intentions. Gilly realized even more quickly that shuffling around in a fitted southern dress wasn’t for her. For Arya, the question of identity was addressed directly by Lady Crane, who asked her, “Do you like pretending to be other people?” I cheered when Arya finally shed her layers of identity—as “Mercy,” as a servant of the Many-Faced God—and retrieved Needle from its hiding spot, reclaiming her name after what felt like years of failed self-reprogramming. It’s been the great irony of Arya’s storyline that she must prove her ability to be no one via her aptitude for being anyone. Ultimately, her true achievement has been the recognition that she could only be, and has only ever been, herself. (Side note: The Waif seems to nurse a very personal grudge against Arya that must conflict with the Faceless Men’s dictum of nobodiness—she looked way too pleased at the prospect of offing Arya.)

Thank you for this. Bran has seen some stuff!

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