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FOMO: This Is The Best Way To Overcome Fear Of Missing Out

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Sounds like a cliche but there is nothing to fear except fear itself. 

Here’s where FOMO comes from and how to beat it:

  • FOMO starts with sadness. For the best way to feel better and stop the problem before it starts, click here.
  • Social media makes it worse, not better. Facebook isn’t evil — but relying on it for happiness is.
  • Happiness is about attention. Focus on the good and you will feel good.
  • Gratitude is essential. Imagine losing the things you’re lucky to have and you will appreciate them.

Social media isn’t the devil. But we’re wired to compare ourselves to others and you know where that leads on a medium where everyone is cutting corners to look their best.

And Facebook can help you be happy. But don’t scroll and compare. Use it to plan face-to-face get togethers. Columbia professor John Cacioppo, the leading researcher on loneliness, says doing that can make your life better:

Facebook is merely a tool, he says, and like any tool, its effectiveness will depend on its user. “If you use Facebook to increase face-to-face contact,” he says, “it increases social capital.” So if social media lets you organize a game of football among your friends, that’s healthy. If you turn to social media instead of playing football, however, that’s unhealthy.

And when you’re with friends, put that phone away. Seeing friends and family regularly is the happiness equivalent of an extra $97,265 a year. Whatever you want to check on social media ain’t worth a hundred grand, bubba.

Forget the fake perfect lives of Facebook that lead to FOMO. Instead, try JOMO: the joy of missing out on all those illusions.

When you spend all that time staring in envy at the oh-so-cool pictures of cleverly crafted bliss on Facebook, keep one thing in mind:

It’s your life you’re missing out on.


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