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Game of Thrones s6e7 "The Broken Man" memes and gifs

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"Grandma Tyrell packin Cersei's lunchbox with a truth roll up."

Haha, she's so salty. So is the Blackfish. And Bronn. And the Hound. And Lady Mormont.

Omg I love these characters!

Wasn't this the best episode in a long time. How did we not see Lady Mormont until now??

Lady Mormont meme s6e7 broken man imgur I think we should all give it up to this girl for killing her role tonight. - Imgur

Reddit comments:

Alt Shift X s6e7:

They brought back Bronn, the Blackfish, and the Hound!


Cleganebowl confirmed!!

the hound eat drink fuck the king meme imgur if you sumbitches are ready to open up a can of hype give me a seven hells yeah

Reddit comments:

I'm not completely satisfied with the hasty explanation of his recovery. It was a complex fracture of his *femur*!

Yeah they were very rushed with the Hound story. Why not spread it out over several episodes?

What a waste of Ian McShane. 

The Broken Men, by Joe Magician

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Jon: Confidence shattered by his death. Doesn't trust, can't speak for himself, unable to sell anyone on his capabilities. Lyanna Mormont challenged him to say that he is the king the Mormonts deserve who will restore the North and beat back the dead, and completely fell apart until Davos had to save him. By the end, Jon still has not been healed. He stood up to Sansa, which is a first, but it seems mostly out of frustration about their lack of soldiers and his continued failures at diplomacy than regaining his identity.

Jaime: Broken by not being a kingsguard anymore, losing Cersei (good riddance IMO), being outsmarted by a septon, and having his own son turn against him. Truly lost as a person, tries being the smart ass who could always back up his words with his sword, his name, or his father. And now none of those are working. The Blackfish embarrassed him in front of the armies he has to lead, how will Jaime react to being on his own truly for the first time? Kevan or Tywin isn't coming to save him. Cersei has said she'll never leave King's Landing again. It's all on his shoulders and his golden hand.

Theon: Not much to say on this one, Yara said it all. He paid for his mistakes in the worst way, scared of being the person who made those mistakes again. Finding himself back in the dungeons of the Dreadfort or his uncle Euron who cuts the tongues out of his own men.

Sandor: Despite title and what D&D said in their post episode explanation, I'm not sure he is broken in the same way as the others. He was pretty quick to want to turn his axe on the BWB (who are now evil?) and picks up that axe at the end to turn back to his life of violence and vengeance. He's a character whose life has been defined by external violence and cruelty forging him into the character he is today, an unwilling participant trying desperately to stop his brother from shoving him into the fire again. The Sandor they are portraying is a killer down to his core who enjoys killing and cruelty and took a brief seminar at the Septon Ray church of chilling out. This Sandor hasn't really been broken by his defeat at Brienne's hands, just biding his time for someone to get angry enough at someone again.

There are more smaller examples throughout, like Cersei owning up to Lady Olenna that she caused their entire situation, Edmure standing in the hangman's noose not even struggling anymore, Bronn angry at having the Lannisters fail to pay their debts again, among others. Many of us expected Septon Maribald's speech about how war and circumstances turns people into the monsters that ride down innocent people, rape and murder at will, and chop down other men they have no quarrel with. That was the essence of his message, the show has changed that into "forget your mistakes, get back out there because there's people to kill". And in a sense they're right, like when Sandor retorts to pseudo-Maribald's words about giving up violence, if you become a pacifist and give up your ways what happens when evil men come for you? Whether it's the BWB killing that peaceful settlement or the Others marching their undead horde on the Wall, there's no avoiding the horrors of war unless you're willing to die standing up to it.


Gosh I hope not. That would be such a waste of her story arc. 

Arya is still alive. Perhaps the stabbed girl is not the real Arya?

Also get hype for CleganeBowl:


These writing choices in the scene have led fans to believe that the Arya viewers saw in episode seven wasn't Arya at all — it was Jaqen

Arya's unconcerned attitude, new hairstyle, clothing, and mannerisms in this scene have many people thinking we weren't seeing the real Arya. Plus, this idea connects to theory number two, about Jaqen's true test of the Waif. He specifically told the Waif not to let Arya suffer when he gave the go-ahead to kill her.

And what does the Waif do? Stab Arya in the gut a several times. This is a slow way to kill someone, especially considering the Waif's opportunity to slit Arya's throat and be done with it. If Jaqen was testing the Waif, it would make sense for him to pose as Arya and wait to see how the Waif would kill "her." 

I will absolutely admit that there was some strangeness about this scene, and about Arya's lack of defenses. BUT — that doesn't mean there is absolutely something deeper at play. 

Nice! Where's that from?

I think we see Jaqen Arya pass the real Arya here:

Jaqen is Arya gif imgur s6e7 broken mant


That's not simple!!

You asked for a source above. Here it is, I think:

Thank you! Do you think the Mountain and his little dog (below) should have their own page?


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