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Game of Thrones s6e7 "The Broken Man" memes and gifs

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"Grandma Tyrell packin Cersei's lunchbox with a truth roll up."

Haha, she's so salty. So is the Blackfish. And Bronn. And the Hound. And Lady Mormont.

Omg I love these characters!

Wasn't this the best episode in a long time. How did we not see Lady Mormont until now??

Lady Mormont meme s6e7 broken man imgur I think we should all give it up to this girl for killing her role tonight. - Imgur

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Alt Shift X s6e7:

They brought back Bronn, the Blackfish, and the Hound!


Cleganebowl confirmed!!

the hound eat drink fuck the king meme imgur if you sumbitches are ready to open up a can of hype give me a seven hells yeah

Reddit comments:

I'm not completely satisfied with the hasty explanation of his recovery. It was a complex fracture of his *femur*!

Yeah they were very rushed with the Hound story. Why not spread it out over several episodes?

What a waste of Ian McShane.