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Meet THOR, a Lightweight Mini-Plane Fresh out of the 3D Printer

Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, has just unleashed THOR—Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality—a miniature aircraft constructed from 3D printing technology.

The majority of THOR’s parts are extruded out of a 3D printer from a substance called polyamide. The only parts of the plane that aren’t printed are its electrical elements

Meet THORâa Lightweight Mini-Plane Fresh out of the 3D Printer

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Would you fly in a 3D printed plane?

Haha... no! Would you?

Maybe. All planes are tested before humans are allowed to use them.

3D printing seems like a reliable form of manufacturing. 

You want to buy some mini planes or some polyamide?

Polyamide. In all the colors. (Wonder if it can be used to print more 3D printers?)

If you could print more 3D printers you could take over the world. 

Take over the world?.. sounds like a Diabolical Plan ;)

That's what would say. :)

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