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Sheryl Sandberg [and Adam Grant] on the Myth of the Catty Woman

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Here are three of the NYT Comments posted:

1) Women don't compete with each other any more than men compete with each other, be it socially or professionally-- they just do it more blatantly. Women's friendships can be full of affection or bickering, men's less so. Women can say things either to or about each other that men would never get away with. Why? Imagine little girls calling each other names, then someone cries. Imagine little boys calling each other names, then someone gets beat up. Adults are no different.

2) OK Sheryl, while your ideas are interesting and appeal to our higher moral and ethical selves, the real world does not operate in this manner. Most people are not trained to respect and engage in friendly competition with their competitors, hence much of the problems with women attacking other women in workplaces, especially professional higher stakes work of medicine etc. Often, many women sell out to their male counterparts women who standout or have potential to gain brown nosing points. We all know who they are and we have seen them rise, to ignore this problem and call it a myth is doing a disservice to those of us who deal with this daily. Women, especially White Women have been extremely irresponsible to a large degree in handling themselves, often sleeping around with their superiors, obtaining favors, and bringing down the morale and value of all other women who cannot possibly compete in these dysfunctional culture. When courts and other women recognize the discriminatory effects of these activities to women caused by other women, we can have take a good hard look at if the myth is really the women who achieves without playing dirty.

3) Based on my own experience with about a dozen women bosses, and many more men bosses, over a working life of 45 years: never a woman boss! Maybe it is their feelings of insecurity, but mean and petty defined each one of them. They could drive you crazy, mostly because they tried to micromanage--literally standing over you so that you can't get your work done. Kibbutz, kibbitz, kibbitz. Nag, nag, nag. Each one acted like the mother in the kitchen who worries over cleaning up every spill immediately. Impractical and silly. So sorry; and I am a feminist! And a woman!

What's the main point of the article?

These comments seem quite skeptical.

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