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The fascinating, strange medical potential of psychedelic drugs, explained in 50+ studies

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That is a lot of studies. Any favorites?

Well this certainly looks promising:

Psilocybin makes you want to drink less?

Spiritual experiences "have been part of humanity for thousands and thousands of years," Sameet Kumar, a doctor who follows the research closely, said. 

"Instead of blowing them off, let’s try to understand them. What’s going on here? This is part of the human experience — a very relevant and meaningful part of the human experience. And now we have these tools to study how certain sacramental elements that are found in nature and that can be synthesized … can be used for good."

A pilot study of 12 advanced cancer patients suffering from end-of-life anxiety speaks to the potential. The patients all had diagnosed anxiety and stress disorders, driven in large part by their looming deaths. After psilocybin treatment, participants generally showed improvements on metrics used to evaluate mood, depression, and anxiety — although the findings were not always statistically significant.

Top Reddit comment:

The why is easy. Most anxiety today is based on chronic fear of things like dying, losing one's job, lack of money, loneliness, and alienation.

A good psychedelic trip puts the lie to all of those things and you get real perspective on how dying isn't to be feared, jobs are bullshit, money is bullshit, and we are all one.


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