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Cracking the Aging Code: Why Aging is Not Inevitable

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Even if you don't read the whole article, the image above on the various ways different organisms can age is quite fascinating

The above graphs show the varieties of ways that animals and plants age in the wild. The light downward line in each frame is the survival curve, and the bold curve underneath is fertility. The downward slope of the survival line just means that fewer and fewer individuals are left alive as time goes on. The way this graph has been constructed, a straight line going diagonally downward is neutral, or no aging at all. Lines that are humped over the diagonal represent normal aging, while lines that curve under the diagonal represent reverse aging, or “negative senescence.” For example, the line for humans stays flat for a long while and then descends sharply; that means that many people are living out a full life span, and then their deaths are all clustered in their 80s and 90s (the stats were recorded for modern-day Japan).

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