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America’s First Pizza ATM Has Officially Arrived

Students at Ohio’s Xavier University are in for one tasty, cheesy treat when they return to campus this fall: their school is the proud owner of the nation’s first official “Pizza ATM.”

The vending machine will serve up hot pies 24 hours a day, seven days a week at just the touch of a button, reports. At $9 a pop for a full 12-inch pizza, you can choose your toppings on the touchscreen, hit a button, and within three minutes receive a fresh-baked pizza in a box, dispensed via a special pizza slot. (The machine works its magic via internal convection oven). About 70 pizzas are stored in the ATM at a go, but they may be restocking fast — especially because, according to, the only other pizza options available to students is a Domino’s.


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Omg! #pizzaculture 🍕 And to aid your pizza portability:

"... instantly make you more popular and attractive...." to bugs, maybe.

Marlene, lol. More attractive to pizza loving technology people, too. :)

So I can deposit my unused pizza for later?

That would be quite useful. 

For your leftover pizza needs:


Seems useful. Kind of want to see a Kickstarter for it. 

Slow. Clap.  Seriously, though, you guys have leftover pizza?

Yeah, I make myself stop after a few slices. It's not good to eat a whole pizza in one sitting. 

I'm not sure why that would be... e.g. a medium Domino's thin crust Pacific Veggie pizza has 1320 calories.  By contrast, functional medicine studies have suggested credibly that for an average woman (not an athlete) a minimum of 1900 calories is needed per day to have a functional hormone profile.  As a man you probably need more for basic health.  Study after study shows that the correlation between eating calories and obesity are not what people think.  Personally I am thinner now than when I used to believe that I shouldn't eat a lot if I'm very hungry... although I did gain weight short term when I questioned that.   A lot of people are now eating what was historically (i.e. when almost no one was fat) classified as a starvation diet.  I'd make sure you *aren't*... pizza is a not a great way to get micronutrients, but it's a good way to get fuel. 

So... A pizza a day and very little else?

I mean, if you're eating 2600 calories which is very reasonable for a guy that's about half your calories... and it's not like we demonize eating significant quantities of these ingredients in their individual form.  Well I guess some people demonize bread and/or cheese...

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