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Robot Pill Could Prevent Surgery

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This sounds wonderful:

According to Bloomberg, Rus’ latest creation is a small robot squeezed into a pill, which “unfolds like an origami after it’s swallowed.” Swallowing the robot pill would allow medical circumstances that usually require surgery to get handled from the inside out, which would lead to less cutting during invasive surgery.

“The idea that you could repair a human body by swallowing something, instead of making cuts, is amazing,” Rus said.

With the use of a tiny magnet, the pill robot can be guided to remove foreign objects from the stomach or treat wounds by administering medication from the inside of a person’s body after the pill robot has been ingested. Doctors can use a magnetic field near a patient, which would help them steer the pill robot through the body to the area that requires treatment.

Aftercare for the pill robot seems fairly simple. The biodegradable robot is capable of being digested and broken down in the stomach similar to food.

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