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Marques Brownlee, The Kid Who Revolutionized YouTube’s Tech Reviews with MKBHD

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A teenager from Hoboken is not only the best tech reviewer on the planet, but he has revolutionized the genre.

Very impressive:

That level of investment is essential for YouTube tech channels such as MKBHD, a full-fledged studio operation that posts to an eager audience of 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, as well as 735,000 Twitter, 516,000 Instagram, and 254,000 Facebook followers, accumulating 453 million views since launch and making as much as an estimated $502,100 a year from ad revenue, according to SocialBlade.

That scale reflects Brownlee’s standing in the burgeoning YouTube tech review community. In 2013, former Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra called Brownlee “the best technology reviewer on the planet,” and MKBHD’s success has been at the forefront of the evolving understanding of what a life lived on YouTube can be. It’s no longer just a platform for stay-at-home amateurs working out of their basements; it’s a social media outlet with massive reach, huge financial stakes, and mainstream implications. And what sensations like PewDiePie and Grace Helbig have done for YouTube as a whole, Brownlee has done for the tech community in particular.

His channel:

Millions of subscribers is a huge audience. 

YouTube personalities used to feel like secret discoveries for those in the know, but that exclusivity is starting to dissipate as young people flock to the site as their primary source of information and entertainment. 

“You have real, actual celebrities on YouTube,” Brownlee says. “I wonder if it affects the way that people who watch the videos think about it because they look at it and it’s like, ‘Oh, 10 million people are subscribed to this. Am I still part of this small intimate club of people who listen to them talk? Is it the same anymore?’ I don’t know. If it doesn’t change the videos, keep going. Keep making good stuff.”

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