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Emmy Noether, the Most Significant Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of

Emmy Noether the Most Significant Mathematician You ve Never Heard Of


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"She invented a theorem that united with magisterial concision two conceptual pillars of physics: symmetry in nature and the universal laws of conservation."

"Noether’s theorem shows that a symmetry of time — like the fact that whether you throw a ball in the air tomorrow or make the same toss next week will have no effect on the ball’s trajectory — is directly related to the conservation of energy, our old homily that energy can be neither created nor destroyed but merely changes form."

I love when PandaWhale shows me something from years ago that I get to enjoy all over again.

Emmy's story is one such story. 

I'm putting this page in my Grace Hopper stash as a reminder that many people helped us get to where we are. Grace and Emmy are two of them. 

Her equations show why "riding a bike is safe", among other things.

It's sad that she died just after making it to a place where she could inspire and teach the next generation.

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