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Question on delayed gratification

With life or consciousness being finite, how long should one delay gratification? 

There are many stashes discussing the importance of focusing and sacrificing the present toward the future. When is it time to allow from pleasure? 

If you are inclined to provide an answer of moderation, how may one know the moderation? Does the amount of pleasure mean it should be delayed longer than others?

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Jared, what an interesting question.  One way to look at it would be like stock investments with dividends and (eventual) cash sale.  If you only invest your whole life, but never take any dividends or cash out any stock, you didn't really make any money... even if you are rich on paper.   Just as people suggest that dying "rich" is a mistake, perhaps we should invest in delayed gratification in order to maximize total benefits over some preferred time horizon. 

I guess the key is to cash out a little every year. That way you're always enjoying something. 

difference between cashing out or having new come in? 

It all depends on how much you're willing to let ride, knowing that you might never enjoy the money that's currently riding.

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