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Facebook has repeatedly trended fake news since firing its human editors

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Do not worry.  Due to AI advances that are just around the corner (for the last 60 years), these firings will soon be justified.  The new AI will be able to tell much more advanced lies, with a much lower detection rate.

Actually, that's a reasonable fear, that AI will learn to be really good at lying.

Is it really that hard to trend news?

I'm not aware of any gullibility filtering algorithms, but I'm pretty sure that if Facebook gets serious about it, they can effectively filter out a bunch of legitimate news, too. 

They can filter out a bunch of legitimate news erroneously?

Or is it good that they filter those legitimate pieces of news?

I think Facebook has been caught burying news for political reasons.

My point was that if the current algorithm is erring on the side of letting fake news in, the likely fix will involve squelching real news.  Because there will be a natural trade off between false negatives and false positives.


Still seems like humans are important for vetting the results if they really want to avoid that.